Irish Poplin

A fabric comprising a pure silk warp face over a fine worsted wool weft. This quality has been produced by Atkinsons to Royal and international acclaim for over 180 years.

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Printed Madder

Also called "Ancient Madder" or "Dusty Madder". This printed fabric was originally created using indigo Madder root dyes. The finishing and handling of the fabric creates its distinctive dusty appearance.

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Wool Challis

This is a specialist printing on a Pure Wool base. Typically it is executed in classic Paisley and Animal theme patterns. The matt finish lends itself perfectly to countrywear.

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Silk/Jacquard/Polyester Jacquard

Developed in 1801, Joseph Jacquard's weaving innovation remains as powerful today as it was then. The principle of jacquard weaving allows mills to offer incredibly complex weaving constructions, whether intricate geometric textures, through to iconic crest or animal designs.

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Macclesfield Silk

This quality of silk has been woven for over a century in the silk weaving town of Macclesfield. Latterly it became known for classic and luxurious silk geometric pattern styling. English silk weavers continue this tradition to this day.

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Paisley Design (Kashmir pattern)

Exports trace the original of the Paisley shape beyond even the Kashmiri patterns which found favour in European fashion. In Paisley, near Glasgow mills reproduced these complex patterns for the British market. Hence, the name now associated with classic printed silk Printed Silk.

This method of creating a huge variety of designs is achieved by using traditional screens in either an application or discharge method. Within the last 10 years technological advances have also allowed digital printing methods, eliminating the need for screens.

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Knitted Silk Ties (Knitted wool)

Often created on specially adapted circular knitting machines, they generally have a distinctive square-end finish. The finest examples of silk exhibit a "crunchy" character when handled.

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This Indian cotton is conventionally used in shirtings, however stylish dressers often use these interesting check cloth for Summer neckwear.

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Weave Construction / Ground Weave

There is an array of typical weave constructions used in ties. Among the most popular are:

  • Reppe (sometimes Rep or Reps)
  • Twill
  • Sateen
  • Mogador
  • Panama
  • Birdseye
  • Diamantine
  • Crepe
  • Non-Crease

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